Root cause and Remediation Software

Advisor directs actions to stop problems before they start and root causes issues to ensure they never happen again.
    • Proactive and autonomous supply chain management across all constituencies
    • Understand and advise versus monitor and detect
    • Prioritized and detailed action plan for user in natural language, including “what if” scenarios
    • Integrates rapidly with existing workflows, systems and data
    • Reduces shortages, optimizes inventory and increases customer satisfaction. 

    Cyc Supply Chain Advisor powers ROI savings across the entire supply chain.

    Cyc Supply Chain Advisor
    Increases Supply Chain Profits

    Deploying the supply chain advisor is simple

    Get the most out of your current technology and systems. 

    Supply Chain Advisor seamlessly integrates into your existing systems and workflow making it both easy to deploy and easy to use. 
    • < 40 hours of staff time required to implement
    • Deployed in days on-prem or in the cloud with a small resource footprint
    • Data stays in place – no need for a data lake or normalization
    • System does not need to call home – mitigating regulatory risks across geographies
    • Output using JSON into existing workflows and systems