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In Cyc, an operation is a unit of work performed by a Cyc instance that can be recorded in a file on the local file system. Operations are typically KB modifications. That is, they will typically be either the addition of an assertion into the KB, an Unassert of an assertion, an Edit of an assertion, or the creation of a new term. Other sorts of operations exist, including Blast, which removes deduced supports for an assertion, Redo TMS, which reconsiders all the supports for an assertion and removes it if it is no longer supported, and Kill, which deletes a constant or NART from Cyc along with all the assertions mentioning it.

Operations are recorded by default into a local file (called a transcript). In network environments where a Cyc Transcript Server is available and connected, one’s local transcript can be (on demand) transmitted for distribution to the other Cyc instances connected to that transcript server. This is called transmitting operations.