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The Transcript Server (TS) performs the role of a “knowledge router”, effectively providing something akin to an RSS feed of continuous Cyc updates that are intended to be shared among Cyc instances. The TS is designed to receive, serialize (place in a canonical order), and distribute Cyc operations to facilitate collaboration between users of multiple Cycs. In an environment where a Cyc Transcript Server is available, Cycs connected to that TS can transmit changes made to the Cyc KB and receive changes made on other Cycs.

Another function of the Transcript Server is to store all operations in a database-supported backing store, so that work can be recovered in case of an outage.

The name “Transcript Server” is a historical one that reflects the fact that

  1. we’ve historically bundled together sequences of related Cyc updates into a serial transcript for transmission and sharing
  2. we used to have a dedicated server machine to receive such transcripts and re-transmit them to other Cyc instances

For more information about sharing work via a Transcript Server, see Transmitting Operations & the Transcript Server.

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