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Answerability time

Answerability time is a common metric used for evaluating inference efficiency. It is defined as the time to first answer for answerable queries, and the total time for unanswerable queries.


The antecedent of a rule is its left-hand side (LHS), that is, the first argument to the #$implies connective with which the rule begins. Intuitively, every rule states that if the antecedent is true, then the consequent must be true.


The term argument is used in two different ways by Cyclists: Most commonly, the term “argument” is used to refer to any CycL term which follows a predicate, a function, a logical connective, or a quantifier in a CycL expression. Thus, in the...

Argument constraint

Argument Constraints are assertions in the KB that place syntactic and semantic conditions on the well-formedness of sentences and formulas. They are put on functions and relations and are used to restrict what can appear in each argument position of a predicate or...


The arity of a CycL relation (predicate or function) is the number of arguments it takes. It is declared in the KB with the predicate #$arity. Instances of #$UnaryPredicate and #$UnaryFunction take just 1 argument. Instances of #$BinaryPredicate and #$BinaryFunction...